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Posted by spiritualmother on July 17, 2016 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (0)

There are so many wonderful treatments, lotions and potions out there to help our beauty regimes and make us feel gorgeous inside and out. As a trained therapist I see so many wonderful innovations within beauty and can highly recommend brands that I have worked with. However salon brands do come with a price tag which is great for a treat, but beauty really doesn’t have to break the bank! There are so many wonderful natural ingredients and products which can be used to have exactly the same effects; you may already have these ingredients at home. Without expensive packaging and overhead costs, you can make your own beauty products quick and easy. All recipes can be adapted and added to enhance the effects, but at their basic level, will still give you that pampered feeling.

So here are a few ideas which I would love to share with you. Feel free to adapt them to your own skin types and needs and let me know how you get on! Remember not all ingredients are suitable for pregnancy and medical conditions, so please check with a doctor first.

Delightful Green Tea Body & Face Scrub.

Green tea is a well-known antioxidant and great for detoxing. Its benefits are powerful and will leave you feeling thoroughly cleansed. Simply add two green tea bags to boiling water and leave to cool. Place 3-4 heaped table spoons of salt for the body or sugar for the face, into a bowl. Mix 2-3 spoons of the cool tea to the salt/sugar mix. (As its cool it won’t dissolve). For added antioxidant boost, add the tea leaves from the bag to the scrub.

Personalise your scrub with drops of essential oil. Use lavender and tea tree for oily/combination skin. Rose and Neroli for dry skins and chamomile for sensitive skins. Remember salt is naturally courser than sugar, so pick and choose which suits you.

Very Berry Face Mask.

Blueberries and raspberries have strong antioxidant properties and are great for any skin type. For a sensitive, normal and dry skin type, mix the crushed berries into natural Greek yoghurt to soothe and moisturise the skin. For combination and oily skins replace yoghurt with honey- this has antiseptic properties which will cleanse the skin. Add essential oils to boost the treatment- lavender, tea tree and citrus oils for oily/ combination skins. For normal to dry skins -rose, Neroli, chamomile or any other which takes your fancy.

Coconut and Avocado Hair Oil.

This is a real treat for your hair. Coconut oil is well regarded as being a lifesaver for hair. Coconut has natural fatty oils and triglycerides, which are components for healthy hair growth. Avocado is a wonderful ingredient with lightweight oils and nutrients to nourish your hair. Honey is another ingredient to mix with this oil as it is a humectant, which means it keeps in moisture and helps split end. Simply mix the avocado to a smooth paste and add a table spoon of honey to as much oil as you would like for your hair. Add to dry hair and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing and drying.

White Tea and Aloe Eye Gel.

White tea is a rising star which has been proven to carry more antioxidants than green tea. This is a great option for tired eyes and you can just boil two tea bags, leave them in the fridge and apply to the eyes straight away. It’s great for dark circles and puffy eyes. However I love to add pure aloe gel into the mix as this adds extra soothing power. Use an aloe plant if you have one, if not use 100% aloe gel which you can get from ‘Forever Living’ websites.

Let two tea bags steep and cool. Mix a couple of teaspoons of the tea into the aloe gel and apply gently under and around the eyes.








Herbal Tea and Lavender Toner.

Steep two bags of your favourite herbal tea and leave to cool. Add fresh lavender sprigs if possible and leave to infuse. Lavender essential oil can be added or any other oil which suits you. Place into a spritzer bottle, leaving the fresh lavender if you wish, and spritz over the face for a cooling and toning effect.

These are only just a few ideas of what nature can offer to your beauty regime. They are all adaptable to your own tastes and preferences and are all inexpensive to produce. I hope this gives you inspiration to experiment and try making your own beauty products. Happy beautifying!

I would love to hear from you- For more information and recipes: Get in touch via our FB page.



Posted by spiritualmother on July 17, 2016 at 6:40 AM Comments comments (1)

Have you ever been given a guardian angel trinket, to watch over you as you sleep; an angel worry box or angelic jewellery? Just take a minute to notice or remember how it made you feel. It probably gave you some kind of comfort, especially when you were younger. I find just by having an angel necklace and jewellery I feel safe and comforted. As well as having my growing collection of crystal angels!

My love for everything angelic has come from some really deep and wonderful experiences in life. But it wasn’t always like that. I grew up hearing stories of guardian angels, to actually being helped and saved on many occasions by my own guardian angel. I now feel I have a stronger connection with the angelic realm, and hope that others may notice it too.

I had always been told by my grandparents that my guardian angels are watching over me and I truly believe that a guardian angel does not have to be someone you cannot see; but a friend or acquaintance, who helps you along the way. For me, I believe my best friend is one of my guardian angels, because she is always there to guide me on the right path in life. Has anyone ever stopped you from doing something or guided you to make a certain decision? Ten minutes or a month later you’re glad they did because the consequences could have been serious if not.

I have had many experiences where I have been saved from dangerous situations, from being woken up when I have fallen asleep driving, to being physically pulled out of harm’s way by an invisible force. It has only been recently and through getting to know myself better that I have been able to understand what those forces are, which are helping me. Through gradual meditation practice, I am blessed with seeing my angels, surrounding me in a beautiful garden. I have not been so lucky as to see them when awake but I know they are with me when I see flashes of beautiful rainbow coloured lights. I am always reminded of a Christmas carol service when I was young, and the vicar saying he had seen angels above him. Back then I was a little shocked and quite doubtful of the truths in the story, but when I had my own experiences, I immediately felt reassured that he was telling the truth.

Through my dreams I have been visited by Archangel Michael who constantly gives me strength; Archangel Gabriel for inspiring me with ideas and very recently Archangel Raphael has made himself known, inspiring me to write this article. Through Archangel Raphael wonderful miracles have occurred, including my wonderful dog Bonnie, being able to walk again after paralysis. I am guided to work with holistic therapists and gain knowledge and practice from healers; it has certainly been an insight into a different world. I am not afraid to say that I have been a huge skeptic however I am always presented with situations where I cannot reasonably explain them. I now practice with angel cards daily for guidance and more often than not they always lead me to where I need to be. Angel healing is a wondrous thing and anyone with the gift, I hugely admire. I am glad to say that the practice is becoming more known, with prestigious spas even offering angel therapy. Deep down, we need to truly be positive and believe that we can achieve what we have set out to do; a negative mind will only produce negative experiences. So to have positive influences and knowledge of the angels has given me a comfort that I can succeed. It is a time where people are becoming more aware of themselves and the world around them and the angels wish to spread a message of love and joy as we move into a new enlightened age.

I hope this piece has given you an insight into how positive your life can be and how you really are being looked after by your guardian angel, whoever you believe that to be.

Peace and blessings to you all.



Posted by lisa@omniaenergycentre.co.uk on July 11, 2016 at 7:20 PM Comments comments (3)

For many people, when they think of healers it conjures up images of wise men and women or witch doctors from afar performing magical rites and spells. However healing therapies have become a popular way for people to relax and bring themselves back into a state of harmony. I can quite understand the scepticism of many, for I was one of those who remained sceptical; until I found I needed healing to feel healthy and well.

My first experience of energy healing began with Reiki, a Japanese form of healing founded by Dr Mikao Usui. Reiki is all about using the energy from the universe to heal others and was founded on the belief that the world contains a Life Force. The Chinese call this ‘Chi’ and for many of you who do yoga, you may hear of your Yogi’s talking about ‘Prana’ which is the Life Force. Reiki works on the principle that our bodies have energy pathways, along our physical anatomy, and if these channels become blocked, our body reacts by making us feeling unwell. Think of the energy flow as another system along with the circulatory and lymph system.

A simple explanation, I know, and I could go into more detail, but if we think about it, the very notion of us ‘lacking energy’ comes from these principal ideas founded thousands of years ago. Chinese medicine including acupuncture works on this idea that everything is energy, so why not take a holistic approach to health and medicine?

Reiki is either a hands off or hands on treatment and is conducted with the client lying or sitting comfortably and fully clothed. The feelings and effects of Reiki will differ between people, however, Reiki energy is felt more than other types of healing. It is scientifically proven to electricity and magnetism. Your therapist will scan over your body and you may feel warmth, tingling, a pins and needle effect or even as though they are touching you. The therapist’s hands are guided to areas of the body which are in need of healing energy. This is anything from earlier breaks or fractures, to other conditions you may have suffered with in the past or present. It is important to stay relaxed and remember, your therapist is not a Doctor, and they cannot diagnose problems. But they can tell you where you need awareness within your body. Often, the energy will flow where you have depleted energy, building up the source to make you feel balanced. The treatment itself is relaxing and refreshing. The effects start to show a few days after the treatment, as you may feel drowsy straight away after the experience. Expect underlying colds to come out, but do not see this as negative; it is your body releasing unwanted toxins and illness.

My curiosity about the treatments led me to train with a Reiki Master meaning I have been attuned to the Reiki energy level. This insight has allowed my scepticism to stop and my belief in a holistic approach to wellness has furthered. My scepticism first went away when I scanned my hands over my model, not knowing anything about her medical history or ailments. The draw of the energy is like a magnet and straight away went to her left arm. I had to take a few minutes before asking her if she had damaged her arm in any way at all, thinking I would be totally wrong. Yet to my wonder she had indeed had a break. From then on after practicing on friends and family, I have always trusted the magnetic pull I get from working with Reiki.

There are many practitioners out there who do healing and genuine Reiki therapists will always have a lineage going back to the founder Dr Usui. It is important that you ask to see this lineage as proof of qualification, as unfortunately there are courses out there which deceive people into thinking they are Reiki trained. All practitioners need to be trained by a Reiki Master, and again I urge you to check for their lineage. To practice, a therapist needs to have Level Two standards and the relevant insurance.

It is a myth to say that energy healing is phony, with no effects at all, but you have to open up to the notion that it is working. I am seeing the popularity for holistic therapies returning, with many prestigious spas and salons offering such treatments. Modern medicine is a wonderful thing, yet we always find that traditional holistic practices still persist, with many a truth behind it. In an age of new enlightenment the view that holistic practices are a placebo effect, is slowly dying out, with people have an open-mindedness to try new therapies. It is here where I like to stress that medical concerns should always be seen by a general practitioner, and remember honest Reiki therapists will never diagnose or make promises to you. Yet I hope even if it is to get back to ones self, to relax or to aid your well- being, that many more people will treat energy healing with an open mind and allow yourselves to treat the whole body to support your health and your inner Chi.

Reiki Principles

“Just for today do not worry.

Just for today do not get angry.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders.

Earn your living honestly.

Be kind to every living thing”.

Dr Usui