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Posted by spiritualmother on July 17, 2016 at 6:40 AM

Have you ever been given a guardian angel trinket, to watch over you as you sleep; an angel worry box or angelic jewellery? Just take a minute to notice or remember how it made you feel. It probably gave you some kind of comfort, especially when you were younger. I find just by having an angel necklace and jewellery I feel safe and comforted. As well as having my growing collection of crystal angels!

My love for everything angelic has come from some really deep and wonderful experiences in life. But it wasn’t always like that. I grew up hearing stories of guardian angels, to actually being helped and saved on many occasions by my own guardian angel. I now feel I have a stronger connection with the angelic realm, and hope that others may notice it too.

I had always been told by my grandparents that my guardian angels are watching over me and I truly believe that a guardian angel does not have to be someone you cannot see; but a friend or acquaintance, who helps you along the way. For me, I believe my best friend is one of my guardian angels, because she is always there to guide me on the right path in life. Has anyone ever stopped you from doing something or guided you to make a certain decision? Ten minutes or a month later you’re glad they did because the consequences could have been serious if not.

I have had many experiences where I have been saved from dangerous situations, from being woken up when I have fallen asleep driving, to being physically pulled out of harm’s way by an invisible force. It has only been recently and through getting to know myself better that I have been able to understand what those forces are, which are helping me. Through gradual meditation practice, I am blessed with seeing my angels, surrounding me in a beautiful garden. I have not been so lucky as to see them when awake but I know they are with me when I see flashes of beautiful rainbow coloured lights. I am always reminded of a Christmas carol service when I was young, and the vicar saying he had seen angels above him. Back then I was a little shocked and quite doubtful of the truths in the story, but when I had my own experiences, I immediately felt reassured that he was telling the truth.

Through my dreams I have been visited by Archangel Michael who constantly gives me strength; Archangel Gabriel for inspiring me with ideas and very recently Archangel Raphael has made himself known, inspiring me to write this article. Through Archangel Raphael wonderful miracles have occurred, including my wonderful dog Bonnie, being able to walk again after paralysis. I am guided to work with holistic therapists and gain knowledge and practice from healers; it has certainly been an insight into a different world. I am not afraid to say that I have been a huge skeptic however I am always presented with situations where I cannot reasonably explain them. I now practice with angel cards daily for guidance and more often than not they always lead me to where I need to be. Angel healing is a wondrous thing and anyone with the gift, I hugely admire. I am glad to say that the practice is becoming more known, with prestigious spas even offering angel therapy. Deep down, we need to truly be positive and believe that we can achieve what we have set out to do; a negative mind will only produce negative experiences. So to have positive influences and knowledge of the angels has given me a comfort that I can succeed. It is a time where people are becoming more aware of themselves and the world around them and the angels wish to spread a message of love and joy as we move into a new enlightened age.

I hope this piece has given you an insight into how positive your life can be and how you really are being looked after by your guardian angel, whoever you believe that to be.

Peace and blessings to you all.


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