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Posted by spiritualmother on October 12, 2016 at 9:30 AM

We must remember that to hear is not to listen. To truly listen means to comprehend and to take in information. If we stand still for a moment and allow ourselves to hear what is around us, we can tune in to our deepest thoughts and feelings. Listening is not just about the external sounds, it’s about tuning into deeper vibrations and intuition. By doing this we enable ourselves to be able to fulfill our true desires and potential.

First we must acknowledge the effect that sound can have on our physiological and psychological being. Sound and vibration healing have been used for centuries, certainly in Hindu cultures and yoga practices. Music and chanting are methods used to initiate sound healing which affects our mood. Consider when you hear classical or meditation music. How does it make you feel? The resonance of the music’s tempo and vibrations should begin to calm and relax the body; you almost sync into the slower tempo of the music. Now think about when you listen to rock music or upbeat pop. The liveliness of the tempo and usual rise in volume will often raise your heart beat and get your adrenaline rushing with excitement. Not only this, but we all associate favourite songs or pieces of music to past memories; if these memories are positive it is likely to be because you were in a happy mood when listening to the piece and your mind stored these emotions for future reconciliation.

By tuning into you’re your own resonance, you will be able to pick up on what the universe is trying to tell you. Begin to listen to nature, hear it speak to you. The sound of silence is as golden as hearing laughter and joy. To hear the trees whisper and the wind whistle is aiding you to connect to the earth’s energies and in turn understand where the universe is guiding you. Below is a great meditation to start your connection with nature.

Exercise- Nature meditation

Begin by sitting or lying outside or with a window/door open.

Start to inhale deeply to the count of four; hold for four and exhale to the count of four.

Repeat three times.

Imagine a white light entering through the top of your head and slowly trickling down passing through each of your main chakra points. Now see the light immersing through the whole of your body out to the auric fields.

You quieten your mind, focussing on your breath and begin to listen for the sounds of nature.

Allow your mind to wonder and take you on an outside journey. Where do you end up? What animals do you see or speak to? Take in the flowers, the smells and the colour. Is there a gentle breeze- does it speak to you? Notice the weather and the environment which surrounds you and know that this is your special place.

Lie down where you are in your mind’s eye and feel the earth mould to your body. Allow the earth to envelope you like a duvet and connect with the soil.

You slowly feel water lift you gently from the earth’s grasp and float you away down a beautiful stream. You hear the rushing of the water and feel its warmth. As you gently float you feel your body get lighter and lighter.

You notice yourself rising with every breath you take. You are floating in the air, being carried by the wind. Look down- do you see yourself? You feel warmer and warmer as you float to the sun- its rays gently beaming down on you. It comforts you and fills you with happiness and love.

Allow this experience of flight to connect you with air as you gently start to float back down like a soft feather.

You can see yourself lying on the ground where you had started as you softly fall back into your own body and into a state of awareness.

Now wriggle your toes and fingers and gently open your eyes. How do you feel? You have just connected with the universe and its elements: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Ground yourself by placing your feet firmly on the ground and imagining tree roots attach themselves to you, going straight down to the earth’s core. Remember to breathe.






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