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My Path to Healing & Holistic Therapies

Posted by spiritualmother on June 4, 2019 at 8:00 PM

I wanted to share a personal story of how I was introduced to healing therapies and holistic ways as not many people know. I hope it may resonate for some of you and inspire others on their path who may be considering learning. Many of you who have followed Ostara know that we value holistic health and healing and it is at the core of what we do. Even our beauty treatments have wellbeing at the heart of them.

When I was 23 I got my dream job (four years earlier than I had anticipated). I became a lecturer- it was all I had aspired to be at the time. However two weeks into the job I remember sitting at my desk staring at my computer screen. I thought "Is this it? What's next for me? Or is this my life until I can retire?"

I truly felt a mixture of emotions- I felt lost, stuck, unhappy, yet so guilty because I had gotten my dream job and now didn't want it! What was wrong with me? Not even a month had passed and I was developing anxiety issues, panic attacks and the onset of depression. It was hard and I remember being told the choice is to sink or swim.

Throughout this time I had found a teacher of meditation and I knew I had to do something to help myself. From this I started learning about holistic health but only on a surface level. I was already a qualified beauty therapist but had not looked into the holistic aspects.

About a year later I had left my job and moved to another college to teach Business studies. I was feeling better so not meditating or looking into holistic health as much. It was at this time that my little dog Bonnie became seriously ill- she ended up paralyzed from her mid body to her back legs and tail. I was devastated and told it would cost thousands for a spinal operation which may not even work. We were told to put her to sleep there and then and that it was cruel to keep her alive. The vets said she would not get better. But something in her eyes and my gut instinct told me to keep trying for a little while longer. To give her a chance. I was desperate so contacted my spiritual teacher who passed on the details to her friend- a formidable healer. She told me immediately that she could help, that it wasn't yet Bonnie's time to go. We worked on healing her every night for a week; I was only passing on the healing from Angie who was sending distance healing. Yet I could feel it coming through me and visualize it, even though I won't lie, I was sceptical but desperate to try anything.

After a little less than a week I came home to Bonnie and was talking to her and I noticed her wag her tail. It was so surreal that I didn't react to begin with because it didn't click that this was significant. It took me a few minutes before I cried with joy. By the next day she was stumbling and attempting to get up and walk.

Five years on she was a happy healthy little girl who was given a chance but who also gave me a chance to discover the power of healing and holistic health. If ever I needed proof that I had to explore such therapies, it was through her. She communicated that to me and thankfully I listened and it was the same when she passed away. I knew 100% when she looked at me that she was asking me to let her go so I consciously made that decision and knew when the time came, that's what I'd have to do. Although thankfully she passed away peacefully in her sleep on her own terms. She helped me to find a gift that I love to share with others, whether that's giving healing therapies such as Reiki or massage or whether that's teaching them to others who also desire to help others. That's why I'm so passionate about what I do because it is a gift that I'm honoured to share with you all. If you come away feeling better, whatever the treatment or course, then I've done my job and I'm grateful for my little miracle dog showing me a life that has more meaning to it and has led me meeting the wonderful people that I have. All of us at Ostara have our own stories and paths but it is our love for helping others that connects us and makes Ostara what it is.

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