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.Gel Nail Overlays & enhancements

Gel nails are an extremely natural-looking enhancement, thin, clear, flexible, non-yellowing, non-porous and they resist lifting. They can also be used for natural nail overlays to strengthen your own nails. 

This course is a full course which will enable you to pursue a career in gel nails. You are learning overlay gels and gel extensions, which would usually be two separate courses. The theory booklet will be sent for you to complete in advance. One practical day will include full routines being performed. After this three case studies will need to be completed with photographic evidence of your results. Two sets of extensions and one overlay. French polish and a dark polish must be included in one treatment.

The Day - What to Expect
The course consists of one day’s theory and practical. The theory will look at the history, benefits of the treatment, client care, effects and preparation for the treatment. You will practice overlay and sculpting techniques under observation. Review questions will be asked throughout the course. Case studies will need to be completed prior to certification.

After the course
You need to complete and record three case studies which need to be marked prior to certification. After certification you will be able to gain insurance and perform treatments on paying clients.

Dates and Times
Individual dates can be arranged or group dates will be set throughout the year.

Your Investment
You will receive your own personal manual and theory. A gel kit will need to be bought and will help you start up with your therapies. More information will be given.
The cost of the course is £245 for the day and you will learn two techniques, overlay and gel extensions to give you the best start to your career.
50% deposit required on booking which is non refundable after a practical date has been set & course materials sent.
.The total needs to be paid seven days prior to the course. 

The total needs to be paid prior to the anatomy booklet being sent which is the latest of two weeks before the practical event. 

Your certificate will be emailed to you unless you wish to have a hard copy posted. This will be an additional £15 for a hard copy.

A discount is given for those booking onto the manicure pedicure diploma also.